Trying not to be THAT woman

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My boyfriend is out of town for the week and while I find myself really missing him, I’m trying not to be that woman…you know, the one who tells everyone that she can’t sleep at night because her significant other is gone for a day.

Roll your eyes…I did. And you know what else? Single people love to hear that because they usually SLEEP ALONE EVERY NIGHT.

While my sleep patterns are fine and I’m not bawling my eyes out at the thought of an empty bed (sorry, Paul), I do find myself falling into some odd habits…a little OCD if you will.

Confession: I leave a light on when I go to bed. Now, I used to do this when I lived alone, so don’t judge me too harshly. I should just go buy a nightlight and put it in the hall, but leaving the dining room light on all night seems to work fine too.

Also, I check the lock on the door before going to bed. When Paul is here, I never even think to do that, now I have to see that the latch is latched or I’ll never sleep. Again, I used to do that when I lived alone. It just makes me feel better.

Luckily, I haven’t been doing the “did I lock the door” thing a I’m going to work. Great. Now I’ll do that tomorrow morning.

All kidding aside, I’m trying not to complain too much about Paul being away for work. While I miss him, at least he’ll be back in a few days. It’s not like when I lived in California and he lived here and I was never really sure when I’d see him again. That sucked. Plus, it’s also not like he’s been deployed to a war zone. I don’t know how those women/men do it. I’d be a basket case with worry.

So next time you hear one of those women fret because her lover is away for 24 hours, remind her to gain a little perspective and maybe have a cocktail or two to calm down.

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