Why did you move to Minnesota?

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Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Pretty much everyone who is from Minnesota asks me that question when they realize I’m not a local, but also from California. While it might seem like an innocuous question, the manner in which it is delivered is always the same…shock and confusion.  It’s as if this state is some sort of sci-fi prison planet to those who have been born and raised here.

You people know you can leave if you want? All you have to do is go.

Regardless, it’s kind of awesome here in the Twin Cities.  Why wouldn’t someone want to live here?  There’s tons of stuff to do. Sporting events, concerts, festivals…not to mention the shopping and restaurants. Heck, I haven’t even had a chance to really check out any museums. Plus, the unemployment rate is REALLY low…I think it was around 4%. Good economy spells good times.

Sure the weather kind of sucks. But, it kind of sucks all over the country. Plus, sucky weather is really a matter of perspective. While I think the best weather in the U.S. is found in San Francisco, many people would disagree and cringe at the idea of a foggy, cool summer.

Of course, I have yet to live though an entire Minnesota winter, but I do know this about summer…the heat sucks big time regardless of humidity. If the temp rises above 85, I’m annoyed and probably sweating for no good reason.

I sort of like cold weather. It’s easier to warm up than it is to cool down.

The answer I always tell people is that I fell in love. While this is true (and very sweet), I might start telling people random stuff:

“I was feeling orange so I moved to the Midwest.”

“A leprechaun told me to leave California forever. Minnesota seemed like a place safe from fairytale creatures.”

“Why? Did someone ask you about the Sea Monkeys?”

“I heard about this magical place in the Twin Cities where chocolate and wine springs forth from the ground like a Fountain of Youth for all to enjoy.”

“I forgot to turn left at Albuquerque.”

Seriously, Minnesota, is it really that bad here?  I contend that it is not…in fact, I believe it might even be awesome.

7 thoughts on “Why did you move to Minnesota?

  1. Colleen McGuire

    Funny. It’s just because you’re from the Golden State. When I tell people I’m from Kansas they apologize and welcome me. So, I will do the same. Welcome! We’re so glad you are here. 🙂

    1. Amy Ruiz Post author

      Thank you! Maybe I should tell them that it’s really freaking hot in California. The whole state is nothing like 90210 or even the Beverly Hillbillies!

  2. Katie

    I grew up in Minnesota and spent my time planning ways to get far far away from this state. Everyone seemed overweight and the weather was freezing and constantly the topic of conversation. However, life has brought me back and I find myself falling quickly in love with this state, surprising everyone who knows me. You’re right, the weather is relative and every state has it’s issues. Minneapolis is now one of the most active cities in the country and the entertainment options are endless. Everyone is nice and the economy isn’t awful. Now that I’m back I don’t plan to leave again! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far!

  3. jennifer prod

    love this post 🙂 i moved to minneapolis from chicago for my husband’s job, but i absolutely love it (so does he) the city is the perfect combination of nature (loving the lakes) and culture (free museums??) it’s great!


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