Laundry: The luxury of machines in your house

Laundry, a necessary evil for everyone. Where Paul & I live right now, there’s only a community laundry room. I know. I hate it too. Aside from the whole germy situation of public laundry machinery, the etiquette of it baffles me too.

I hate not being able to wash my clothes whenever I want.  There are set hours because there are apartments on either side of the laundry room.  Plus, there are only two sets of washers and dryers for the whole building.  Not that the building is that large, but it still creates a feeling of greater demand than supply.

When I was unemployed, I wasn’t as stressed about when I could do my laundry.  I chose a random day of the week in the morning when most people would be in the office.  Now that I am one of those people in the office, I am restricted to week nights or weekends.  During the week, I only have a couple of hours available, not to mention having to overcome exhaustion from working all day.  During the weekend, I have more time each day, but also have more competition to manage.  Plus, who wants to waste most of their day off doing laundry when they could spend it doing something fun and relaxing?

So, I get my ass up early to be starting my laundry right at 9:00 AM, the earliest time within the designated hourly period.  Most of the time, this isn’t a problem. Today, I went into the laundry room and saw someone’s laundry and detergent sitting on the table across from the machines.
dirty laundry, clothes,
What the hell does that mean?  Are they letting everyone know they are next in line or did they just fall asleep early last night and forget about their dirty (or maybe clean) laundry downstairs?

Now that I think about it…that laundry might have been there for longer than just overnight.  Yesterday morning, I noticed a random sock laying on the railing in the stairwell.  Could be it escaped on its way to the laundry room, but we may never know…

Luckily, the time during which I have to clean my clothes in community machines is limited.  We are moving this fall!

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