Random thoughts on driving in Minnesota

First of all, filling potholes doesn’t really help the situation.  I’m looking at you Saint Paul and Minneapolis! Fix the damn road before it crumbles beneath us all.  I see road construction everywhere, except where it’s BADLY needed, Minnesota. Then again, I can only imagine the poor condition of said roads…mostly because they are CLOSED.

I swear I need a freaking four wheel drive Jeep just to drive down my street and go to the grocery store. How my poor little Beetle hasn’t broken an axle is beyond me.

Second of all, I have never seen more out of state license plates in a given area in my life. It’s fascinating. I see at least one each day on average. In California, you rarely saw foreign license plates.  If you were up in Tahoe, you’d obviously see some Nevada ones.  Randomly you might see an Oregon or Washington. But other than that, it was definitely out of the ordinary.  Here, I’ve seen plates from the East Coast, the South and I think even Alaska.  I have yet to see a British Columbia one, but I have seen Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Probably because those are the closest to Minnesota. Duh.

By the way, what’s up on Mondays? Commute traffic has been oddly light on Mondays.  I’m not complaining, just befuddled.

Finally, the minimum speed limit baffles me. Are there really so many people out there who need the threat of a ticket to go fast on a freeway? In California, people drove as fast as traffic would let them.  I was the one exception, I think. I also never had a speeding ticket. (Knocks on wood).

parking, garage, bad manners
Bonus: Please don’t park like this guy, Minnesota.  To quote Seinfeld, “The jerk store called and they’re running out of you!”

Which reminds me…why do you call them parking ramps, Minnesota?  They are parking garages or just garages.  Ramps are part of the garage, not the entire thing. It’s very odd.

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