>Who wears short shorts?

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>Apparently, people with no feeling below the waist wear short shorts. For the first time in 15 years, I am wearing shorts. That’s right a decade and a half of wearing capris, pedal pushers and cropped pants during the summer. Back in the 90s, the infamous Daisy Dukes became popular (again) and thus ended my short wearing. While I do sacrifice some comfort for beauty as all women do, I could never bring myself to wear shorts that went above mid-thigh.

If you watch a woman wearing these shorts, I’m sure most men do, you will note that when ever she stands up, she must adjust her clothing. Why? Because short shorts always cause a wedgie. Thanks, but one of my fashion rules is to avoid wedgies whenever possible.

Now that the fashion pendulum has finally swung back around to longer shorts, I can expand my wardrobe to include them. I suppose I could have always included Panama shorts, but for some reason, I just never liked the way they looked on me. Such is the complexity that is clothes shopping…for me at least.

Men, you really don’t want to know what goes on in a woman’s mind when she is shopping for clothing. Sometimes it’s as simple as, “I’m not in love with this black skirt.” But usually, it’s more like, “When will I wear this? I don’t feel comfortable in it. Of course, the waistband is too small. I can barely pull it up one leg! Who do they make these button down shirts for? 12 year old boys with anorexia? My upper arm feels like it’s in a blood pressure cuff and my boobs look flatter than they already are…if I could get the buttons to close.”

And that’s not even when we are PMSing…a smart woman avoids shopping for any clothing whenever her hormones are running amok. Nothing good ever comes out of that shopping trip.

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