>The online dating chronicles continue


I confess. I downloaded the Match.com app for my iPhone. I know. I said I wouldn’t this time, but I swear there is a good reason. SEO. That’s right. You heard me. Search Engine Optimization. Smart daters sort their searches by Activity Date, which puts all those defunct accounts near the bottom and the active ones on top. I want to be on top. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Seriously, I will randomly log in for a few seconds while I’m walking down my office hallway to the restroom. Even before I’m blasted by the wall of heat in the courtyard, I have scooched my profile to the top of the search results by virtue of my quick log in.

So, did this have any effect on my stats?

Views: 27
Emails Sent: 2
Emails Received: 1
Replies to my emails: 1
Likes Received: 1
Winks Received:2
Winks Sent: I don’t do that anymore
Suspected Robots:1
Possible Pervs: 0

Apparently, things slowed down over the weekend, which seems irrational. Shouldn’t guys in Sacramento be sad and lonely over the weekend without work to distract them? I thought my stats would increase, but even the pervs seem to be off their game. Maybe my SEO trick isn’t working. Maybe I’m not doing it correctly.  Maybe they were all at Pops in the Park.

I did get a reply to one of my emails that I was a little excited about.  I’m calling him Robot in a Fedora** on Twitter. I assumed he was a robot because well, aren’t they all these days? And he’s wearing a fedora in each of his photos, so he can’t be a real guy, right? Ok, he’s not actually wearing a fedora in each photo…only half of them. He replied to my initial email right away, but has yet to reply to my reply. Maybe his programming needed to install a update or something.

**Thanks to @SSDated (Something She Dated) for inspiring me to nickname the men I interact with via the online dating world.

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