>Love ain’t no stranger?

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>With all due respect to Whitesnake, it seems to be a stranger for me.Since last I posted about my boring love life, 82 guys have looked at my profile…that was just since Monday. This is really beginning to feel like I’m in sales. I’ve got my marketing out there. It’s getting plenty of looks, but I can’t seem to tempt most of these guys to contact me. Should I dumb down my profile? Is it possible that I’m too interesting? Or is it just the opposite…maybe I’m more boring than I suspect?

Seriously, I’m averaging 27.33333 guys each day checking out my profile. I suspect that 1/3 guy needs to get his shit together and send me a witty email…unless he’s like 4 inches shorter than me. I’ll date a guy shorter than me, but 4 inches is a bit much. Luckily, I don’t run into many guys in the 5’4″ range.

Recap of stats
Views: 82
Winks received: 1
Emails received: 1
Emails sent: 2
Replies to my email: 0
Suspected robots: 1
Definite pervs: 1

The lone dude who winked at me states in his profile that he’s looking for a gal who isn’t afraid to explore her freaky side. Um, yeah. Not interested, weirdo!

I have also begun to play a game. There is a pattern I have noticed among quite a few men. The range of ages the prefer doesn’t go very far above their own age. In fact, many times they seem to prefer gals younger than them…even by a year. What I do is check out their profile and see if they check me out in return. 9 times out of 10 they do return the favor. So it would seem, a gal outside of their preferred range is attractive enough to check out, but they never seem inclined to contact me. Then again, the men into whose preferences I fit perfectly don’t contact me either, so it’s a wash.

I would be assertive enough to contact them if my age was only a year or two out of range, but any more than that and I’m gun shy. One guy last year actually told me I was too old for him…even though I was barely outside his stated range.

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