Milestone: Hosting my first Thanksgiving

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holidays, pie, apples, wineThat’s right, in a few weeks, I will be in charge of a holiday. My parents are flying in from California and Paul’s parents are coming down from North Dakota to celebrate with a big ol’ turkey.

As Thanksgivings go, it will be fairly small for me, only 6 adults in attendance.

However, it’s not the actual holiday that is freaking me out (I know everyone in attendance & Paul will lend a hand)…it’s the preparation leading up to it. I just don’t want to be making something only to realize I’m missing an ingredient. Then of course there are these obsessive thoughts:

  • What if the turkey doesn’t thaw in time?
  • What if we don’t have enough potatoes?
  • What appetizers should we serve?

One thing for certain, I will NOT be making ridiculous turkey gourd decorations.  I don’t have the time nor the talent.  I bought some stuff at various stores to hang/place here and there to make our apartment festive, but I’m not going to try and create something I see on Pinterest and create a whole new (and unnecessary) ball of stress.

Speaking of Pinterest, I am using it to stay organized. When I see an article or recipe that might be useful, I pin it to my Thanksgiving board.  Also, I’ve been keeping lists. Thanksgiving To Do & Thanksgiving to Buy are updated regularly….when I think of something I definitely want to have or should do before the parents see our apartment for the first time.

When it comes right down to it, I love holidays. The decorations, the gathering with family and friends, the good cheer, the food, it all makes me happy and I choose not to let it stress me out…too much.

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