Driving Nice: That’s not a lane, Minnesota

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Growing up, I heard my parents talk about how awful the drivers in New Jersey were. We lived there briefly when I was child, but it was long enough to put an indelible mark on my family’s collective psyche…and my accent sometimes.

Regardless, when we moved back to California, any time someone would drive poorly, they always made a Jersey Driver comment.

Minnesota, you are giving New Jersey a run for its money.

Minnesota Drivers

Seriously, do you see that above photo?  It’s on 7th Street in Minneapolis.  Those cars on the far left in the second photo are NOT IN A LANE! That’s where cars park. Do you see the parking meter? There’s a big red arrow pointing at it. That means that’s where cars park. And it’s not one of those no parking during commute hour things either. I’ve seen cars parked there at the same time before the photo was taken.

Since none were there for whatever reason that day, drivers who were turning left just made it into a lane rather than wait in traffic for the light to change.

Now, I’ve seen some crazy shit go down while stuck in traffic in San Francisco. When you are trapped in traffic, you do tend to lose your mind.

These people WERE NOT trapped in traffic. They were just being jerks.

But, it’s not just this instance.  I’ve seen it all over the Twin Cities area.  Yes, I used to see people in Sacramento go around someone who is turning left in front of them (HOW DARE THEY TURN LEFT!!!), and I see it here, but it’s far, far worse.

Why are you all in such a hurry?  It’s not even cold yet, or so I’ve been told.

Luckily, the red light running is not as bad here as it was in Sacramento.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is still a decent amount of people blasting past the red, it’s just not as frequent.  I’ve actually gone a whole week without seeing it happen…well, maybe more like five days.

Here’s one thing I’ve come to realize, bad driving is universal. It’s just the type and flavor that can change.

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