>What is the unemployment rate?

Because I’m pretty sure no one has a job except me and the people in my office.

I went to Costco at lunch to get gas. It cost me $40 to fill up my Beetle. After that semi-heart attack, I went over to the actual Costco warehouse to get a frozen yogurt.

Lo and behold, the crowds at midday.

I also saw a guy who looked like a younger, more sober Nick Nolte.

Seriously, I couldn’t believe the wave of humanity that was flowing in and out of that big box.

7 thoughts on “>What is the unemployment rate?

  1. Notsocranky Yankee

    >Most places I’ve lived were busy at all times of the day. My flying schedule allowed me to see it. In Atlanta, I knew all the weekday, daytime grocery store ladies, and they thought I was a stay-at-home mom because the time I was shopping.

    Here in NH, the stores are very empty on weekdays during the day. Almost everybody I know works, especially after their kids reach school-age.

    Too bad you didn’t get a picture of the sober Nick Nolte guy. That would have been interesting.

  2. odiwan

    >I often wonder “What in the heck are all these people doing here at this time? Shouldn’t they be at work!?!?” Then I wonder, what am I doing here at this time, I should get back to work. Or, they all must have awesome vacation benefits.

  3. SFChick74

    >Where can I get on this no job bandwagon? My dream is to not work, but somehow be self-supporting.

  4. Toad734

    >I think I know what this may be about. I noticed the same thing a few months ago. When I really studied the people though I realized they were all either old, retarded or gay. I live in a gay neighborhood, I swear only about half of them work, or at least work a 9-5. They were everywhere. How do they have such nice cars and clothes?

    I think maybe that you being in San Fran would explain a lot.

    A. A lot of old people in California.

    B. A lot of gay people in SF.

    Please if anyone else has noticed this please provide me some insight. Its just what I have noticed and can’t explain it.

  5. SFChick74

    >Now that I’ve had time to consider the crowd situation, it’s just that there are alot more people in the world than there used to be…period.

    I’m actually in Sacramento now. While there are some gay people living in the area, I believe they are few and far between, as opposed to the stroller-pushing soccer moms, retirees, and white trash/rednecks who seem to be roaming the aisles of Costco at all times of the day.


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