>Way Cool, Jr.

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>Why Vh1 ever took away this show from us, is beyond me. Needless to say, I’m so glad Behind the Music is back.

I love these shows because you can see what these 80s hairband guys look like now. They just showed Juan Croucier and he looked like some suburban dad not the bass player for a rock group. Juan, is the mini-van parked outside?

Stephen Pearcy did not age well. He looks like a skeleton with hair. How are those racecars working out for you?

They showed an interview with Robbin Crosby. They should really show it and a before video to students in school. “Kids, this is what drugs will do to you.”

What can I say about Warren DeMartini? I’ve got a thing for guitar players.

I almost forgot Bobby Blotzer. Well, like Metal Skool says, the drummer is easily replaced.

2 thoughts on “>Way Cool, Jr.

  1. indygirl

    >What is this? A morning post? You? Heh.

    Behind the Music is definately an unintentional afterschool special!


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