8 thoughts on “>Could they be more metal?

  1. George Larson

    >There is nothing to worry about.

    Those devil eggs are unfertilized. No lesser spawns of Satan can come from those.

    I’d take half a dozen, a bag of shredded cheese and a jar of salsa and throw it into a pan.


  2. SFChick74

    >They were mighty tasty in my omlette this morning. They might have stolen my soul, but that’s the price you pay for fresh eggs.

  3. FreedomGirl

    >I showed this to Hubs, who is a meat cutter….he swears that people will not buy items with an expiration date of 6/6/06, anything including the numbers 9/11, or dates that are Friday the 13th…friggin’ crazies.


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