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>The Flamingo has a special where if you are a member of their slot club they will give you $5 to play for free when you show them a monorail ticket. You can only do it once a day. I think you have to have a new monorail ticket each day, too, but I digress.

So, today I went and got my $5 because I am trying to take advantage of every low roller comp there is. I decided since it’s not really my money, I would play the $1 machines. I never go above $0.25 machines. I’m not made of money.

I go to this random machine and stick my cash voucher in, when out of the blue this guy sits at the machine next to me and asks if I am staying at the Flamingo. He totally caught me off guard.

I usually don’t look at anyone, much less talk to them. But, I looked at him (he was decent looking guy in his mid 20’s, preppy/frat boy, not my type) and went, “Uh yeah.” Then he starts this odd conversation with me in a strangely hurried fashion.

“How is the service here? Is it everything you’d hoped it would be?”

“It’s fine.” I just won $2.

“Well, are you going to be in Vegas on April 29th? Because I’d like to invite you to stay at my hotel…” I’m down $2.00

I giggle nervously, “I think I am going to be busy that day.” I won $5.

“Well, my hotel is the Wynn Hotel and I’d like to invite you to stay there next time you come to Vegas.”

Is this guy nuts or just hitting on me? Maybe I was on TV. “Ok, thanks.”

He gets up and starts to run off, “You want my number?”

“Uh, no thanks.” I cash out with my $10.00 and go find my friends.

What the hell was that? He didn’t even tell me his name, but he wants to give me his number? Does he work at the Wynn or was he Steve Wynn’s nephew or son? Oh well, I won $10 then gave it to a friend (to pass on the good karma) who turned it into $75, so all is well.

3 thoughts on “>Vegas Day 4

  1. Mike Abernathy

    >LOL. Well, sad as I am to say it, this sounds remotely (very remotely) like the kind of move I would make. Nervous, and therefore with brain perhaps 10% engaged at best.

    I think it would be amusing to check what is so special about April 29th at the Wynn – one assumes there is a reason he picked that date.

  2. SFChick74

    >I know the Wynn opens on April 28th. The only reason I know this is because there were like 10 commercials for it during the Super Bowl.

  3. Mike Abernathy

    >Ah yes. Kind of difficult to ask you to stay at “his” hotel sooner if it’s not open yet, isn’t it?

    Then again, it might be a more interesting time to ask you to stay at his hotel!

    May have just been some guy doing a poor sales job. I don’t know whether he was scamming on you for your looks or just your business. Seems he doesn’t know your sense of humor (which is fabulous) well enough to be scamming on you for that.


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