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>The Tick is back on TV! And it’s not that live action thing starring Puddy, it’s the real cartoon. It’s on the ‘Toon Disney Channel of all things. I can’t believe someone at actually put this show back on the air. I guess miracles really do happen.

My favorite episode has to be “The Tick Loves Santa” which has my favorite quote, “It’s a Yule tide!”

Last night I was watching “The Tick vs. The Deadly Bulb”. I Tivo’d it. A few of my favorite quotes from that episode:

“Roof pig! Most unexpected.”

“Deadly Bulb. I’m about to write you a reality check. Or would you prefer the cold, hard cash of truth?”

Tonight’s episode: “The Tick vs. The Tick” featuring the Midnight Bomber (What Bombs at Midnight).

2 thoughts on “>Spoooooooon!

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