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>On Saturday, I went out to dinner with my parents to a Hawaiian theme’d restaurant called the Huki Lau. Normally, I’m against all things Hawaiian, but seeing as how we were going out for Father’s Day and it’s one of my Dad’s favorite places, I just kept my mouth shut about it. The food isn’t bad and they do have those fun tropical drinks on tap, so it wasn’t too torturous.

I’m sitting there sipping my orange Sweet Tart tasting Rum Runner when I think I hear my name being called somewhere behind me. I look back and don’t see anyone I recognize, but my glance happens to land on this one table with four women sitting at it. There was something about the one woman I saw that didn’t seem quite right. She looked REALLY ugly and might have been wearing a wig.

My mom was discussing the decor and points out the wall treatment behind me. Perfect excuse to look at that strange woman again. While looking at the green walls with faux leaves, I steal a glance at the table of women again. This time I had a longer look. Those were definitely not women. They were transvestites.

I lived in the Bay Area for 10 years and not once on a night on the town did I ever see a transvestite. Most of them kept to the Castro as far as I could tell. I mean it’s not like we were in the gay area of Sacramento. At least I don’t think so. Not that the transvestites shouldn’t wander out of the gay area of the city. It would just seem to me that they would be more comfortable there. Not as many people staring at them trying to figure them out.

I just think it’s funny that I see more characters up here in the ‘burbs than in the big city.

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