>Random Disneyland Observations

>Today we went to the happiest place on earth. The highlight came in the evening. Disneyland always puts on a great fireworks show, but this time they went even beyond what they usually do. They had huge flames shooting up into the sky as tall as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. They certainly have shined up the place for the 50th Anniversary.

The one thing that seems to happen to me at every theme park is finding the wet seat. I can find the wet seat even when there is no water like on the tram from the parking lot.

Could someone explain to me why you would bring a child under the age of 6 to Disneyland? They are going to be too young to remember the experience. And why parents torture themselves by bringing infants is beyond me. Does no one get babysitters anymore?

One ride I miss at Disneyland is the Journey into Inner Space. You would get in those blue orb things and scoot through the ride. All I can remember from it is the big eye looking at you through the microscope.

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