>America’s Favorite Flavor: Vanilla Blonde

>Dammit. I knew that Carrie chick was going to win, but I’m still disappointed. Aside from her poor taste in clothes, she really has no charisma on stage. I thought Vonzell’s voice was much better than hers. Carrie is sweet, safe and boring. Just like vanilla. Don’t get me wrong, vanilla has its place, but not in music.

Plus, I think Paula Abdul is reading my blog and stealing my lines. She said something about how she would enjoy listening to Bo Bice sing the dictionary. I said a month ago “He could sing the names in the phone book and I’d be entertained.” Coincidence? I think not.

3 thoughts on “>America’s Favorite Flavor: Vanilla Blonde

  1. Sonic Reducer

    >You’re right. The taste of the American public is horrible. Paris Hilton is famous for god’s sake…for what????

  2. indygirl

    >If I had a nickel for everytime Paula Abdul stole something from my blog…

    Kelly Clarkson is the original “safe and boring.”


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