>One of My Own Private Hells

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>Last night we went to this restaurant called Gladstones. It was in Malibu right on the beach. My parents were really amped up about going to this place. I thought I went into the whole experience with an open mind. Maybe if we didn’t have to wait for 2 hours for a table, I would have been a little more amenable to the place.

Let me just say this about myself. I have this problem with germs. It’s not a big problem, but I have germaphobic tendencies. Plus, I don’t like seafood or crowds, at all. So of course this restaurant is packed beyond all imaginable fire codes and has only 2 non-seafood items on its menu. Add to that the fact that there is this giant barrel of peanuts that EVERYONE is eating out of. Not only that, but they are just throwing the spent shells onto the ground like we’re at some Little League game. I started pounding Coors Lights just so I could deal with the free flowing peanut shells which I know are making their way into my shoes. It was like these people were animals. All semblance of manners were out the door. I actually saw this one girl with a small hill of peanut shell dust on her Pradas. Up until that moment, I thought I wasn’t high maintenance, but I guess I was wrong.

6 thoughts on “>One of My Own Private Hells

  1. Toad734

    >This doesn’t add up, or maybe it’s just different here in Chicago.

    This is a good, nice restaurant that is really popular, yet they serve Coors Light and allow you to throw peanut shells on the floor?

  2. Nick

    >We have a seafood restaurant in Big D where they practice the “peanut free-for-all” too. It’s called Rockfish. I wonder if they got the idea from that place in Malibu. The fact that you said you started pounding Coors Lights proves you’re not high maintenance. High maintenance chicks pound Coronas (with a lime). 🙂

  3. SFChick74

    >The place wasn’t high end at all. Maybe price wise, but otherwise it was very shack like. A big shack, but definitely beach shack.

    You could go there right after a day at the beach in your shorts and tee-shirt and fit right in.

    Plus you could eat outside at wooden tables/benches.

  4. Brian King

    >I went to a restaurant called Flintstones where you throw greasy bones on the floor and you pound on a rock to attract the waitress’s attention.


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