>N.H. Doctor in Hot Seat Again Over Remarks – Yahoo! News

>This guy is nucking futs.

Bennett told a woman recovering from brain surgery to buy a pistol and shoot herself to end her suffering.

That’s what he allegedly said. This is what he actually said, “That patient is currently in a nursing home completely demented, tied to a chair drooling on herself and doesn’t recognize anybody,” said Bennett, 67. “She was in pretty nearly that condition at the time she filed that complaint.”

What is that guy’s damage? Then he supposedly tells an obese woman “Let’s face it, if your husband were to die tomorrow, who would want you?”
“Well, men might want you, but not the types you want to want you. Might even be a black guy,”

It’s one thing for me to vent my frustrations here. It’s not real really. It’s just writing, practically fiction. But, I wouldn’t dream of saying something rude directly to someone. First of all, they might harm me physically. Plus, making rude comments is what children do to each other. Dr. Bennett needs to grow the hell up. Get a hobby. Learn some damn manners.

2 thoughts on “>N.H. Doctor in Hot Seat Again Over Remarks – Yahoo! News

  1. Nölff

    >I have a lose mouth and I would never say anything like that. Damn, that’s just wrong. He’s a doctor. He should have some compassion. That’s the whole part of being a doctor. Right?


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