>Poor films explains box office slump – survey – Yahoo! News

>I think this report was filed by Captain Obvious. I’ve been saying something similar about the music industry. CD sales are down because the music sucks. Movies sales are low because no one comes up with a decent movie anymore. It’s not that people want special effects and good looking actors. Those things are really just icing on the proverbial cake. People want a good story. They want to suspend their disbelief. They want to talk about it the next day with their friends and coworkers. They want to quote lines. They want to escape from reality for an hour or two.

It seems to me that the producers and studios in Hollywood need to take a creative writing class or two before they continue to put out anymore movies.

4 thoughts on “>Poor films explains box office slump – survey – Yahoo! News

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >No one makes anything in Hollywood these days. They only remake. “The Producers” is in production right now. This is a movie version…of a broadway musical version…of a movie. I’m sure the irony is not lost on Mel Brooks.

    But, since the most fertile pickings for movies these days are comic books and ’60’s TV shows, I’m currently securing the film rights for “That Girl,” “My Mother the Car,” “Little Lulu,” and “The Katzenjammer Twins.”

    I’ll let you visit my Beverly Hills mansion in 2008.


  2. Sonic Reducer

    >Bad Tv Shows + Conversion to Movies = Bad Movies.

    There is so little talent in hollywood that it’s scary.


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