>Health Threats Grow in New Orleans – Yahoo! News

>“You can think of floodwaters as diluted sewage,” said Mark Sobsey, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of North Carolina.

Whatever infections people carry go into sewage and can be expected to show up in floodwaters. That includes common diarrheal germs including hepatitis A and Norwalk virus.

All those looters wading around in the water are going to get a swift kick in the karmic ass. Dysentery is coming your way. Not to mention the poisonous snakes floating around.

This whole nightmare in the South makes me appreciate the small things like electricity and clean water. Just having a normal regular day is great. I get up, go to work, come home and watch TV. I don’t have to worry about finding clean water to drink or wading around in sewage hoping someone will come rescue me because I was too poor to afford to evacuate. I am sure there are hard working people who live paycheck to paycheck, who couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel for an undetermined amount of time and had no family nearby, so they stayed at home hoping to ride out the storm. It’s a huge lesson for the rest of us not to take things for granted. It could be all swept away overnight.

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