>I’m not dead yet.

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>With all the drama around my nephew’s birth, I’ve been busy this week helping my sister while she was recovering in the hospital. Sorry if I’ve been neglecting my blog, but it’s gotten the same attention as my plants, cat, and housework.

This weekend I plan to be more attentive. I’m going to watch anything and everything related to Halloween on TV as well as the backlog of shows clogging up my Tivo. Stay tuned for a bitch session about the state of the insurance industry and come up with a swell argument for universal health care. Gotta start my crusade against the evil that is Blue Cross/Blue Shield, State Farm and Travelers.

Tonight, I plan to consume some orange peel chicken and a cosmo or two. Oh yeah, the Great Pumpkin is on too. I definitely need the soothing wisdom of Charles Schultz.

3 thoughts on “>I’m not dead yet.

  1. SFChick74

    >The only part of the Great Pumpkin I don’t enjoy is the World War I flying ace. What the heck is the point of it?


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