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>Nothing says figure skating like Earth Wind & Fire. I just happened upon this gem on NBC. I guess due to the upcoming Olympics combined with the holiday season, figure skating seems to fit logically into the gaps on broadcast TV left by the lack of college football.

This “event” is also sponsored by McCormick and in between the commercial breaks they have certain figure skaters (i.e. Brian Boitano) talk about their favorite recipes. His favorite recipe was rice krispy treats with peanut butter. Come on, can’t you come up with something a little more interesting than that? Can’t your publicist help you out with an idea or two? Heck, can’t McCormick come up with something for him? Sheesh.

Note to Earth Wind and Fire, don’t hook up with Kenny G. He’s totally lame. Also, no one wants to hear your new stuff. Just play September, Shining Star and stuff like that. It’s why the fans show up.

I have to point out that the above press release says that Earth Wind & Fire will be performing “some of their best-known classical hits”. Dude, I think you mean classic. Unless Earth Wind and Fire has suddenly switched genres without my knowledge. Maybe they do some covers of Wagner and Mozart now.

5 thoughts on “>Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute on Ice

  1. teh l4m3

    >”Note to Earth Wind and Fire, don’t hook up with Kenny G. He’s totally lame.”

    That’s what I thought about Zamphyr until his contribution to the Kill Bill soundtrack which I totally dug. People can change!

  2. SFChick74

    >Yes, people can change. But I think the amount of change necessary to make Kenny G acceptable is beyond reason.

    I think NBC was scraping the bottom of the barrel program-wise.


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