>Crowe Says al-Qaida Wanted to Kidnap Him

>My first reaction when I saw this headline was to think, “Was Crowe drunk when he did the interview?” But, let’s suppose that Russell Crowe was sane and sober for this one. We all remember him talking about a kidnap threat back when he was up for an Oscar for Gladiator. There were little to no details released, at least that I can remember.

So, then I wonder…why are the FBI protecting him? He’s not an American. Shouldn’t that be the Australian FBI’s job? Or were they just protecting him while he was in the US for the Oscars? That I can understand.

What I don’t understand is how come the FBI takes a threat from Al-Qaida against Russell Crowe seriously, but not ones about flying planes into the World Trade Center and other buildings? Wasn’t this threat against Crowe BEFORE September 11th? I’m getting all riled up again. I need to go do some filing or something else mundane to calm down.

1 thought on “>Crowe Says al-Qaida Wanted to Kidnap Him

  1. Brian King

    >I saw this also, and the first thing that popped into my admittedly sarcastic mind was “Someone’s creatively imaginative p.r. agent is working overtime.”
    Then I thought I was being negative and calmed down. Then I thought “No, I was right the first time. That’s bullshit!”
    Crowe can barely act his way out of a paperbag. He won an Oscar for saying very little and looking sullen. Great job, Russ! Besides, he loses points for his band’s name anyway: 30 Odd Feet of Grunts or something like that? Ugh.
    The only possible people interested in kidnaping Crowe are some random Hooters waitresses and the gay guy I know at work ’cause he “likes ’em rough!”
    And in no way am I disparaging Hooters waitresses or gay guys. Only Russell Crowe.


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