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>The women/girls on American Idol are so boring. Ok, Nadia actually has some form of stage presence. I enjoy the Otis Redding song she sang. I really loved it when Jon Cryer danced around to it in Pretty in Pink.

Holy Lord that Janay chick was bad. Selena is going to rise from the dead and haunt Janay for butchering her song on national television like that. How the heck did she get this far in the competition? I’m glad the judges weren’t mean to her. If they were, the lowest common denominator would have felt sorry for her and voted to keep her on. I predict that she will leave the show tonight.

I can’t even remember the rest of the chicks. They all pretty much sounded the same, doing boring karaoke songs. However, I remember that horrible Mikalah did a bad rendition of a song from West Side Story. The Jets and Sharks are going to get together and kick her ass for being so bad.

What can I say about the men? Well, they are a way more interesting than the women. Bo Bice is my favorite. He’s a long-haired rocker. A friend of mine calls him Bo Biddle for some reason, so now of course I do too. I was a little disappointed in his performance, but “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain is one of the few ballads that I actually enjoy. I think I had huge expectations after the “Whipping Post” performance. That fucking rocked!

The only guy I really don’t like is that Constantine guy…or as I like to call him ConstantiNOple. He’s too Creed-like for me. He’s a poser. He’s not a rocker and his voice isn’t good at all. How dare he do that horrible rendition of my favorite Police song! I have that song as a ringer on my cell phone. I hear Sting sing it every day and that guy came no where near Sting’s quality.

Scott Savol has a great voice, but he’s a little too serial killer looking for me. The glasses definitely help his image, but I still expect him to be talking about eating Seacrest’s liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

I also enjoy Anwar “Sadat” Robinson. I actually hate the song he sang, but he has a good voice and made the song a little more enjoyable to listen to by making it more upbeat.

If I had to pick people to leave the show it would be Janay, Mikalah, Constantine, and Nikko (because I’m sick of hearing Ray Charles).

1 thought on “>More Thoughts on American Idol

  1. daniello

    >From the few shows I have watched this season, I can’t STAND Constantine. The hair. The stance. The look. The rock and roll screech. It’s all so overdone and fake. I can’t WAIT for him to get voted off.


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