Talk about a bad relationship…

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People of Sacramento, why did it take you so long to get a clue about the Kings?  They have been threatening to leave for at least five years.  That’s about how long I’ve lived here and I distinctly remember people wondering if they were going to leave in 2006.

It’s like being in a relationship where one person is miserable and the other one can’t see the signs of deterioration.  So now everyone is begging for a therapy session or another chance…we swear we love you!  Maybe if you’d shown a little love a little sooner they wouldn’t have to look for greener pastures.

Granted, I don’t like basketball and have only been to a few Kings games, but a true fan supports their team even when that team is crappy.  So go jump on the “please don’t leave us” bandwagon.  It might work for a little while, but I will be surprised if the team is still around next year.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want them to go, but I think it might be too little, too late.

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