>Random thoughts on American Idol (Boys Night)

>Blame the fact that I am not inspired or blame the lack of quality programming on TV, but I felt like watching what used to be the most popular show on TV and blogging about it.

So, I tuned in late and don’t know who Clint is or why he was singing Superstition by Stevie Wonder.   Regardless,  I didn’t enjoy the few seconds I heard of his voice.  Of course, the judges all liked it for some reason.   Maybe the beginning was better.

Jovany – works at the docks…shocker.  Oh good lord.  Don’t sing this sappy song, please!  OK, I kind of like I’ll Be, but he is ruining it.  I’m not buying his passion.  He sounds like a guy at a local talent show whose friends told him to try and win $100 in beer.  Am I hearing the same performance as the judges?  Steven and Jennifer loved it and I thought it was lame.  I can’t even agree with Randy.  It was BARELY OK. 

Jordan – Wasn’t this the douche who kicked people out of his group on group day? I don’t recognize this song probably because I’m old or like good music.  Maybe this song is good, but he’s ruining it.  Anyone know what it is? Regardless, his voice is unimpressive and I’m not feeling it.  Amazingly, the judges don’t like it either.  The mark of a good singer = I’ve never heard the song before and instantly love it.

Tim – A musician…we’ll see.  Did I just see a chain wallet?  Guys with chain wallets shouldn’t sing such sappy songs.  What song is it?  Some pablum produced by the music industry that bores me, otherwise known as a song by Rob Thomas.  I keep forgetting that the judges reactions are carefully crafted to help the outcome of this show.  At least, that’s my theory.

Brett – I like this crazy cat.  He’s kind of got a rock star quality.  Maybe I’m just blinded by his hair.  Why he sang Light My Fire is beyond me.  I’m not a fan of this song unless Will Ferrel is singing it as Robert Goulet.

Sorry, I was distracted by Randy’s bright white watch with its purple face.  It was like a fashionable beacon.

James – Another guy I like…a tortured soul makes a great singer.  And you gotta love that he’s singing Judas Priest…or Priest if you’re cool like me.  Rock on, dude. Rock on.  Yes, high screechy vocals!  Bring it! 

Robbie – This guy looks like a character in a mid 80s teen movie.  You know the geeky kid that everyone loves except the neighbor girl who he’s had a crush on since 2nd grade. The sap runneth over tonight…I can’t stand In the Arms of the Angel or whatever this song is called.  Clearly, I’m not a fan of the ballads and he’s not singing it well anyway. 

Sorry…I just fell asleep for a second.  I was lulled to sleep by the boring performance.

Oh crap.  I have another five more guys.  Or did I miss someone before Clint?  I kinda hope so.

Scotty – The guy with the baritone.  His voice reminds me of the dude from the Oak Ridge Boys.  Yes, I’m old school like that…or maybe it’s more like George Strait.  Either way, I’m a sucker for a guy with a deep voice.

Stefano – Wow another freaking sappy song!  Something different! Not!  Thank you for reminding me why I don’t watch this show every year.

Paul – Finally, not a ballad or otherwise sappy song. Of course, I enjoy a Rod Stewart song every now and then.  This guy has a different voice and extremely white teeth.  He kind of reminds me of Joe Cocker.  He kept my attention for longer than the sappy singers, which is a feat in and of itself.

Jacob – A house is not a home.  Great song even if it a bit sappy.  Dig the suit! Every gal’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.  This guy’s voice…I can’t decide if I like it or not.  It’s good, but it reminds me of Aaron Neville. 

Casey – He looks like Brother Hezekiah the Amish buggy driver you see in stock news footage of the Pennsylvania Dutch country.  Holy moly, the guy can actually sing.  And he picked a pretty cool song…I Put a Spell on You. It kept my attention and I’m writing and reading Twitter at the same time.

Thus concludes our broadcast day.  I doubt I’ll be doing this tomorrow for the chick episode, mostly because only one day of American Idol is all I can handle each week.

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