>They’re more like guidelines…

>I would hate to call these ideas I have about online dating rules because they don’t always apply to every situation.  It’s more like me sharing my experience and observations of human behavior.  I may be wrong. I may be right and if you don’t have the Billy Joel song starting to roll through your mind you may be crazy or just too young to know what I’m talking about…

During my year long pursuit of a boyfriend, Here are a few things I’ve learned about online dating:

  • If someone signs off a message with their name, you are expected to do the same within at least 1 response.  Otherwise, you come across as creepy and/or hiding something.
  • Avoid using the word love in reference to the person with whom you are communicating.  “I love the way you smile.” Really?  That seems weird to me, but maybe I’m just a cold-hearted bitch.
  • If a guy doesn’t bring up meeting in person within 4 messages each, I move on.  If I bring up meeting in person and he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, I move on.  I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point of the hours I spent surfing through profile after profile for a guy who can keep my interest for longer than a day or two.
  • If you live in another time zone, I’m going to assume you are a spammer and won’t respond to your wink or canned email message.
  • A guy who posts a picture of himself without a shirt is about as attractive as those trainwrecks on the Jersey Shore.
  • A guy who only has 1 or 2 photos attached to his profile is not looking for a relationship, but is probably trying to get out of one.
  • Same thing goes for a guy who only has 3 lines of text in his profile.
  • NEVER NEVER NEVER use the words massage, cuddle or hug in your profiles guys.  Icky!
  • When I have a positive attitude about searching for a relationship, I tend to get better results…still no relationship though.

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