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What is it about a skirt that men like?  I noticed today that when I wear a skirt, such as the one in the photo, I tend to get more random hellos in the hallway and compliments from coworkers.  It’s not even a short skirt.  In fact it hits me just below the knee and doesn’t fit too well because it’s now too big.

So men, what is it about a woman in a skirt that catches your attention?  I’ve worn the exact same outfit with a skirt and a pair of pants and noticed a dramatic difference in attention from men.  Do women just seem more feminine in a skirt?  Is it the way it swings when we walk?  Is it because women just don’t wear dresses and skirts as often as they did in the distant past, so now it’s a treat?

Personally, I’m not a fan of skirts and dresses.  They aren’t very comfortable most of the time.  Add to that the need for extra “foundations” such as pantyhose, tights, and/or girdles…I mean Spanx.  Being wrapped up in a constricting layer of spandex doesn’t put me in a good mood and kinda makes me gassy.

Regardless, maybe I’ll have to incorporate more skirts into my wardrobe as part of my dating habits if they seem to have some magical effect on men.

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  1. Moxie

    >Yes, skirts and dresses make men a little loopy. I can't explain it either but I have seen the same effect.

    Have you tried red lipstick/lipgloss? That, too, will make men pay attention.


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