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>I can’t believe the Fighter won so many awards…OK just two, but I thought the King’s Speech was going to sweep it all. 

James Franco, every time I hear more about this guy I like him more and more.  He’s a student at Yale (or somewhere) and his grandma was in the audience.  The problem is I hate that movie.  Why do I hate that movie? Because it’s ridiculous and shouldn’t have happened.   If the guy had a tiny bit of common sense, he’d have both arms and I wouldn’t have to hear about how awful it was to watch a self amputation. 

Honestly, how stupid can someone be?  Sorry, but you deserve what you get.  It’s called Darwinism.  Yes, I know I’m a cold-hearted bitch for saying that, but everyone is thinking it.  Why in the blue hell wouldn’t you tell someone you are going to wander through the desert?  I’m pretty sure you aren’t Jesus and/or don’t have any special powers to overcome the rigors of the landscape.  I tell someone when I’m just going to Target.  I’m thankful my parents instilled enough fear in me to prevent me from having to hack off a limb or two in order to save my life.

Speaking of unpleasant things, why are all the foreign movies such freaking downers?  Look at the list of nominees, I feel like shit just reading the titles.  Was Amelie the last quasi-happy foreign movie nominated?  Is the rest of the world that messed up? Come on, Canada!  You have some really funny people in your country.  Are they just in the English speaking region?

Same thing goes for documentaries.  Can’t anyone do a documentary about something pleasant or is that completely impossible and goes against everything that created the genre?

I also want to know who saw any of the animated short movies.  Was it five people in New York and four in Los Angeles?  Probably as many people that saw Winter’s Bone. 

And I kind of don’t think it’s fair that Toy Story 3 was nominated with the other feature length animated movies.  I know it qualifies, but come on. Give some air time to the less known movies. Then again, it had no chance at that Best Picture category.  What was the last animated movie that won, Snow White? Oh, I’m sorry.  According to the Filmsite website, Beauty & the Beast was the first one nominated.   Hot Tub Time Machine had a better chance of winning probably.

2 thoughts on “>Random thoughts on the Academy Awards

  1. Susan

    >yeah, feel the same way about that movie! I once went to Perspectives and had to listen to this man talk about almost dying climbing some mountain and doing something stupid and almost getting himself killed, scarying the crap out of his family, costing the government lots and lots of money to rescue him, etc. the guys at my table were getting teary-eyed over this man's "heroics"….I just wanted to go slap him upside the head. the end.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >Thank you! It's a selfish thing to put yourself in danger like that when it can easily be prevented.


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