>I’m allergic to you

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>Pardon me if this gets a little weird. I’m on antihistamine. My allergies decided to explode all over my sinuses today.

I blame the weirdly dry air we are having. Wasn’t it dry today? It was in the mid-20s this morning and there was NO frost on my car. That’s weird.

Because I spent the whole day with an itchy nose, stupid sneezes, and insane sinuses, my nose is chapped…to go along with my lips I guess.

Yes, I know I don’t have a cold. I don’t feel like shit other than the fact that I want to scratch off my nostrils. Actually, that’s subsiding because of the Benedryl.

See, the outdoors hates me. Or Mother Nature just knows I’m not on friendly terms with her, so she’s exacting some revenge. Make it rain, lady! Don’t just irk me!

Although, taking two antihistamine feels pretty good. Well, I’m just really sleepy. I do have some heavy machinery to operate in the backyard. Then again, maybe I should leave the threshing to another day.

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