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Note to Sacramento: Grow a pair. I’m sick and tired of seeing people get away with running red lights. Honk for all that’s holy! There’s nothing more satisfying than a horn blast at a jerk who knows they should have stopped.

Ok, there might be a few things more satisfying, but right now in my life that, sadly, tops the list.

A jackass came flying off the Capital City Freeway on to 30th Street today. I horn blasted her even before I saw that shit eating grin on her face. She knew she was in the wrong. It’s been a while since I had an adrenaline rush like that. It was probably the last time someone almost plowed into me on Elvas and H Street.

Did I mention the person I saw just go at a red light? I had a green light. They had a red and tentatively stopped at it as I made my way through the intersection of J and 56th. In my rearview, I could see their headlights move along J Street, while I could clearly see the green light blazing for 56th. That’s just stupid. It was only 9:00 at night. I could MAYBE understand it at 3:00 am, but not before midnight at the very least.

So many people in this town run red lights that everyone else is slow on the uptake when the traffic signal is green. It’s like this bizzaro world of traffic rules. Green means stop and red means go real fast!

Obviously, don’t horn blast a scary Hells Angel dude who runs through the light at Arden & Howe. I mean, a plea for a little common sense is all I’m saying.

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