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With apologies to U2, I still haven’t that for which I am looking. In my case, it really is a “who” not a “that” if I am going to be grammatically correct.

So, when I was asked to try out a relatively new dating site, How About We, I thought it my be a good way to find that elusive guy here in Northern California.

If you are unfamiliar with How About We, it’s a site that uses date suggestions as a means to entice your potential mate. It’s date based, not really profile based. People post dates they’d actually like have with someone. You know like, “Let’s have cheesecake at the Spaghetti Factory.” I may have gotten my factories mixed up there, but you get the point.

The first thing I noticed about the site was its font. I love it! I can actually read it! So many sites try to cram alot of content in very little digital real estate and the font size gets sacrificed. How am I supposed to surf your site if I can’t see it?

Also nice is having questions supplied for you to fill out your “About Me” section. Everyone likes talking about themselves, even though they exclaim that it’s so hard. They need a writing prompt to get the juices flowing.

But don’t worry, you’re not going to be asked 100 in depth questions about how you feel today. It’s more like “A movie I’ve watched the most times…” or “I secretly want to be…” I think the most challenging prompt was “My life history in 5 sentences or fewer…” I was going to get all Dickensian, but decided that reference might be lost on most of the guys in Sacramento. If I mention David Copperfield, it would have conjured up images of a magician, not a 19th century novel.

You can browse through the various dates people have posted as well as their profiles. The site’s emphasis center’s around dates, which can be sorted into various categories. Or you can just search by various boxes checked on someone’s profile.

My favorite thing about the site, aside from the easy to read font, is the reposting of date suggestions. While I might be creative, I tend to freak out if put on the spot and get boring. It’s nice to be able to look through dates other people have posted and use them as your own. For example, someone wrote how about we “…go to trivia night at a local bar and see who gets the most questions right.”

I’m totally using that right now.

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