>The McDonald’s Drive Thru: Merging Doesn’t Work in America


Anyone who has ever driven on a road in the U.S. knows that Americans just can’t merge. Two lanes become one making drivers have to take turns. This concept baffles almost everyone. They didn’t learn this basic concept in kindergarten and I highly doubt today’s teachers are instilling it in current children.

So, whoever thought putting in a two line split/merge concept at the McDonald’s Drive Thru must have been a foreigner or not a driver. Sure, you can get more people through the initial wave, but when a customer gets up to Window #1, odds are they will end up paying for the wrong order.

Tip #1: Remember your total amount due. Your short term memory better be good or you will end up forking over your debit card for a Big Mac when you just wanted a cheeseburger.

Tip #2: When you can go, go. If you sit there and wait too long, you will lose your place in line. Stop fiddling with your iPhone. Stop chatting with your wife. You are in line. Pay attention dammit!

Tip #3: Don’t take 3 minutes to put your money away. Also, if you paid with a debit card, what the hell is taking you so long to put that thing back in your wallet? Go!!

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