>Really, Pro Football?

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>Players, you need to stop smoking crack or whatever drug you are on and get a dose of reality.

How much is the average base pay for an NFL player? I’l bet it’s about $500,000 a year/season at the lowest end of the spectrum.  And you guys are going to go on strike because of what? Health Insurance? Are you fucking kidding me?  Do you honestly expect any sane person to believe you can’t afford to pay for your own health insurance because you are living paycheck to paycheck?  Do you know how many millions of people are out of work right now?  Do you know how many employed people don’t have health insurance or have shitty coverage? 

I understand that you want your fare share of the profits that the NFL makes off your blood, sweat and tears.  And you should get it, but it’s very difficult for most of us to feel sympathy for you.  Maybe you’ve been spending too much time at strip clubs or maybe you’ve been sending too many inappropriate picture messages to notice that most of us are suffering from unemployment or are worrying that we could be unemployed at any moment.

And don’t think the owners are getting off that easy.  You really can’t pay for a guy’s health insurance?  Really? Don’t you have a team of doctors on staff?  How much does it cost you in the long run to take care of a dude that helped you make millions of dollars?  Aren’t the ratings for pro football in the crapper?  This stupid move isn’t going to help increase your revenue.

Both sides of this idiocy need to shut up and get over it.

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