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No this isn’t yet another post about my so-called love life. 

A few weeks ago, I heard someone talking excitedly about a new fangled clothes dryer.  This dryer was so “smart” that you could put your wet clothes into it and it would automatically turn on when the electric rates are at their lowest. 

This is a dumb idea for two reasons.  First, how long are your clothes going to sit in there before the damn thing turns on?  So, your clothes might be clean, but they will smell musty and wrong.  Totally attractive.  (eye-roll)  Not to mention if you have kids, the rumor is that you do a ton of laundry, so it will be piling up while you wait for the dryer to kick on at 3 am when rates should be at their lowest.

Second, if all the dryers and other smart meter type electronics kick on at the same time when the rates are lowest because demand for electricity is at its lowest…won’t the demand artificially go up and there by increase rates too? 

So not only will you smell like musty old clothes, your annoyingly new fangled dryer will never come on at the same time because the lowest demand will fluctuate from day to day.  There is enough crap in life that is pretty much a roll of the dice.  I prefer to keep my laundry stable and reliable.

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>Another bad idea

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>Let’s ditch the rings and make married people get tattoos on their faces instead. It’s pretty tough to lie about your marriage status with a blue M on your nose.

Hopefully that would make some people think twice about taking the plunge. Do you really love that someone enough to alter your face for the rest of your life? Getting a divorce would be equally challenging. Tattoo removal isn’t very comfortable from what I’m told.

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