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>On Sunday, I will be trapped in my neighborhood because yet another running event is making it’s way through the streets.  The California International Marathon is a little worse than the Run to Feed the Hungry.  The annoyance is different.  While there won’t be a small to medium sized town converging on a ten block radius of Sacramento, many of the same streets will be blocked off for a longer period of time. 

Whenever I see the poor wretches struggling down the streets in this race, I think, “Why anyone subjects themselves to a marathon is beyond me.”  It’s kind of like camping.  Sure, you can do it, but why would you? 

If I need to get somewhere 26 miles away, I’m only going by foot if all forms of transportation, including horses and mules, are no longer in existence. 

Oh, but it’s such an accomplishment…  Really?  You think Einstein completed a marathon? How about Mother Theresa? OK, that was crappy logic, but I still don’t see any logical reason for doing it.  Pushing your body to the point of sheer exhaustion while being in an inordinate amount of pain sounds like childbirth not like fun.

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