>Online Dating Chronicles: Free Rejection Here


Here’s a piece of dating advice that you shouldn’t take: Rejection makes you stronger and interesting.

Sure, it hurts…even when it comes from a relative stranger. I mean why should I care that I guy I wouldn’t even notice walking into a bar told me that he’d rather be friends with me.

See guys, I get put into the friend zone by you ALL THE TIME.

And, I am not bold for initiating contact with men on an online dating site.  Why the hell should I wait around?  I get more dates if I make the first move than waiting around for a guy to not be afraid and/or lazy.  Welcome to the new millennium, men.  If you snooze, you lose.

Also, maybe it’s just my preference, but I’d rather get nothing or the canned “Thanks but no thanks” from an online dating site instead of a tailor made rejection message three to four paragraphs long. Is it just me, or is that self-serving? It says, “See. I’m a good guy. I took the time to give you an exit interview even though we never went on a date in real life.”

Thanks for wasting my time and making me cry, ass.

Pardon me while I go listen to some Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam.

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