>Real vs Fake – You Make the Tree Call

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>There are two camps in the Christmas Tree world. It’s an argument that can never be won. There’s logic and passion behind each. Where do I sit? In with the Fakies of course. But let’s look at the Real Deals first.

These people tend to be traditionalists and romantics. They like the smell of pine wafting through the air when they stare longingly at their gifts. They like the tradition of going out to purchase a tree each year.

Do they still make real Christmas trees?

Here in Sacramento you can either pick one up in a grocery store parking lot or make a day of it and head up into the foothills. My sister and her family take the second approach. The kids get to run amongst the pines in the mud searching for the perfect tree. Then the adults get to go wine tasting around Placerville.

I am too practical for such nonsense. I know. It seems shocking. But, not only is it cheaper to buy a fake tree over the course of just two years, I also don’t have to care for the real one. There aren’t any strange critters flying around the branches. There are no bare spots that have to face the wall.

Sure I don’t have that lovely pine scent to enflame my senses, but neither is there any water damage on the hard wood floor from where I spilt. And you know I will spill. I mean, who really wants another chore? Also, I would forget to water the poor tree and it would look worse than Charlie Brown’s tree.

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