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Siri is pretty much totally useless. I tried to use it the other day when I couldn’t remember the address of a local business. Apparently the noise of my car as well as the panic in my voice render me incomprehensible to computers.

Granted, I already hate voice recognition software, so I am not really partial to giving Siri a chance to function properly. Then again, maybe Siri would be good to use to let off some steam. I mean yelling obscenities at an inanimate object has to be better than road rage, right?

The only use I’ve found for it is to reply to a text message when I’m driving (hands free!) and to look for a place. The other things they say that the software can do seem stupid. Just use your hands, if they aren’t otherwise occupied.

What I really need Siri to do is remind people not to drunk text someone at 2:00 am or send a text right after I just hung up the phone with someone. These would be useful functions for the software in everyone’s phone.

Odds are if I need to set an alarm or look something up on the internet, I will be able to use my hands to do it and with less frustration.

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