>The cure for a brat?

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I can’t be the only one who enjoys the dad who posted a YouTube video of him shooting up his daughter’s laptop? Seriously, parents…  Why don’t you threaten to do this to your children? Not shoot them, but post their punishment online? Embarrassment can be a great learning tool.

You know I come from the Red Foreman school of thought. Some kids just need a foot up their ass.

In fact, I think posting the stupid shit your kid does along with the subsequent punishment would be a reason for me to check Facebook on a regular basis. Instead of the boring “My kids are wonderful!” crap we read every day we can be entertained with things like “Tyler threw a fit again when I told him to do the dishes and then homework. If I had a dunce cap, he’d be wearing that around the house. As it is, he’s pretty much living the 1985 lifestyle. No video games, no internet access, no cell phone. Maybe I should make him listen to some Phil Collins just to reinforce my point.”

It’s almost a reason to have kids. I’d like to threaten someone, “You pissed me off so much, I’m posting this on the Internet! You better hope the local news doesn’t pick it up as the lead story!”

Of course, this won’t work with the toddlers because only that scary E-Trade Baby knows how to surf the web. But if I was a teenager, I’d be sweating it right about now.

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