Dirty words?

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I’m always surprised when people avoid cussing on the Internet or even sometimes in real life.  Oh pardon my French, but…

Here’s the thing, adults cuss. Adults have sex. Adults do lots of things that aren’t pretty or appropriate, but there’s no need to get all bent out of shape if no one is getting hurt.

This town in Massachusetts that banned cussing in public is ridiculous. The fine is stupid. $20? The kids they are targeting or the people they are targeting seem to be loitering. Ban that, deal with that, not the fact that they are foul mouthed.  That’s not going to fix the problem.

Sure, if it sounds like they are being aggressive or combative, that’s not good and should be dealt with accordingly. But cussing in and of itself is fine. It’s like a steam valve. You need to use a fucking cuss word every once in a while to let off some pressure. You don’t want all that goddamn stress building up and then one day, BOOM! You fucking lose your shit at the worst time and feel like an ass. Then again, is there a good time to lose your shit? Maybe when you’re alone at home and no one can see you do it.

Regardless, I can understand not cussing around children. They don’t need to use those words. Let them stay innocent for a while. But, when you are around a bunch of adults, who fucking cares?

I’m more concerned about someone’s tone and intent. OK, excessive cussing is also unnecessary. It’s like any spice or flavoring, too much is bad. Just a dash of it here and there is acceptable. A motherfucking string of obscenity laden goddamn ranting is totally shitty and you just come out looking like a total cocksucker.

1 thought on “Dirty words?

  1. Lisa Jey Davis

    True… but I still think it’s important to teach kids to learn to use other words. Get a vocabulary people… not everything is FUCKING incredible, or the SHIT or whatever… There are millions of words in our language, just there for the speaking or writing… PLUS I don’t think it’s appropriate to cuss just because you can. I’ve used censorship on my own blog, and that blog is all about sex, girl-love, you name it… and all about living the life you want, having fun and SH*T.. lol. I just think it’s not necessary, so why? Unless it truly enhances a piece of writing, or there truly is no other word, then I don’t write with cuss-words… Just my two cents!


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