>Who said you were wanted here anyway?

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So, a new poll ranks California as the least popular state in the US.  Good. There’s already too many goddam people here anyway.  We’re full up.  We don’t want any more.

You wouldn’t like it here anyway. It’s beautiful.  We don’t have seasons where you have to fear for your life because the weather might get you.  Most of us live within a two hour drive of the beach, the mountains, or both.

We have the best wine and some really great beer.  We have Disneyland.  It’s just the “happiest place on earth”, which you don’t want to experience anyway.

And as much as I get annoyed by the people when I’m driving, for the most part, everyone is fairly laid back and friendly.

OK, we don’t have Las Vegas, but no place is perfect.  But San Francisco is truly an amazing city.

Then again, when I drive across the Golden State, perfection feels pretty damn close.  Especially on those still evenings when the sun is setting and you can see the silhouette of the oak trees dotting the hills.  Or when you are hiking through the redwoods and marvel at the sheer height of the natural wonder before you.  Or when you’re sitting on a cliff looking out over the Pacific while watching the sky flame up in oranges and pinks as the hint of fog creeps over the ocean along the horizon.

Why would anyone love this place?  Politics? Please.  Every state is a total mess politically, just in different ways.  Anyone who says otherwise is probably a politician.

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