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You may have noticed something in your office this week.  Small boxes of baked goods have found their way into break rooms across the country.  That’s right.  It’s Girl Scout Cookie time.

My problem?  Candy and baked goods are like heroin.  It’s not that I’m just addicted to sugar.  I’m addicted to the chocolatey loveliness of a Hershey Bar or a Thin Mint.

So, it was no mean feat when I resisted the temptations of the 11 boxes of Tagalongs, Do-si-Dos & Carmel deLites calling to me like a siren from the break room.

I can’t eat just one.  I have to eat a sleeve or a row.  That’s one serving, right?

It tastes so good when the pastry hits my lips, to paraphrase a Will Ferrel character.  It soothes my troubled soul like alcohol soothes most people.  I have always preferred the ministrations of a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie (or even one from a box) to a dose of hooch.

Watch out.  This weekend the cookie dealers will be hocking their delicious wares to unsuspecting folk wandering into grocery stores around the greater Sacramento area.  Just say no!!

But if you can’t resist the temptation, there is a convenient website to look for the tasty treats.

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