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Why do I bother watching the Academy Awards?  I almost never see the movies nominated. First of all, if the September 11th movie doesn’t win best picture, I will be shocked.  It’s like on America’s Funniest Home videos…there are rules.  Babies always win.  Animals win if babies aren’t the subject matter.  September 11th movies are like babies.  Everyone votes for them because they think they should.  Granted, for all I know Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is an awesome movie, but nothing about it appeals to me.  
The Artist looks depressing. I can’t stand Woody Allen.  Hugo confuses me and looks sad or sappy.  I think most of Northern California lived through Moneyball. And War Horse is just another downer of a movie from Spielberg.  Unless he creates another Goonies or good Indiana Jones, I’m not interested.
Gary Oldman should win for Best Actor.  He’s amazing.  He’s been in so many movies and has been almost unrecognizable from one to the next.  How this man hasn’t one multiple awards is beyond me.
Glenn Close is up against Meryl Streep.  If one of the other was nominated, I wouldn’t even bother paying attention to this category.  It should be interesting to see which one wins.  
I also want Melissa McCartney to win because finally, FINALLY a comedy is getting some recognition. Comedy is not easy to do and needs to get some respect dammit!

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