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Sometimes, I wish I still lived in California. It’s just because of the wine and going wine tasting at the wineries. It’s an experience I miss. The good thing about living in Minnesota is that wine can be shipped right to my door. So, when Holman Ranch offered to send me samples of their wine, I jumped at the chance.

wine, winery, bottlesThe good people at this Carmel Valley winery sent me six bottles.  I was expecting one, so thank you very much! They included three Pinot Noirs, a Chardonnay, a Pinot Gris, and a Sauvignon Blanc. No, I haven’t drank (drunk?) all of them yet, but I have tasted five of them.

Let me just say that while I’m not a big fan of Pinot Noir, I enjoyed all of them.  In fact, the two pinots I have tasted are some of the better wines I’ve had the pleasure to drink. They were smooth and rich. It’s difficult for me to describe why I enjoy a glass of wine. It’s sort of like being in love. You just know it when it happens and it’s great.

If you are hesitant about Chardonnays because they are usually too buttery for you, there is one from Holman Ranch is unoaked, or naked or virgin, which cuts down on the butteriness. There is some chemistry reason for this that has to do with lactose or lactic acid or something, but when I was being taught about that I was drinking wine, so there you go.

Again, I really wish I was back in California because Holman Ranch has an interesting event coming up. On September 26th they will be celebrating their 85th Annual Fiesta de los Amigos.  It’s the Ranch’s Birthday Celebration which will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.  From a press release:

The Fiesta de los Amigos – a part of Holman Ranch’s history! The popular Fiesta de los Amigos which began in 1928, the Ranch’s birthday celebration, was an annual highlight, often attracting more than 2,000 guests. In the 1960’s – 1980’s the Ranch was known for its rodeos and horse shows, daily trail rides, barbecues, and fiestas filled the calendar.

This year, the celebration will be filled with flavorful food truck delights, Holman Ranch estate wines to sip, lively entertainment to enjoy and more! Capture the moment of the Fiesta in our own photo booth or head to the game tent and enjoy games for the entire family.

The event will cost $50 per person or wine club members get 2 free guests and all additional wine club member attendees will cost $35 per person. If the event is not sold out, you can purchase a space to attend at the door for $60.00 per person. Five dollars from each paid attendee will be donated to the Alzheimer Association. RSVP is required. RSVP by September 20th to (831) 659-2640. Upon confirmation by Holman Ranch of your RSVP, you will be provided a gate pass to Holman Ranch.

You’ll excuse me while I finish my glass of 2011 Pinot Noir Heather’s Hill.

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  1. two birds

    well, the vineyards in minnesota definitely aren’t the best in the world!!! i have never tried this brand before, but i might have to!! it gives me a good reason to travel to ca., right? ps. found your site via the mn blogger site. hi from minneapolis!


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