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I could blame it on the caffeine. I could blame it on the stress. I could even blame it on the boogie. But, the kids today just won’t get that Jackson Five reference or why I call myself Chief Inspector Dreyfus when my eye twitches.
It’s sad really because the Pink Panther movies are pretty good. Well, most of the early ones anyway. And it’s not just funny because of Peter Sellers, but the whole cast of characters and random things that happen.
But, I was talking about my eye twitch…which I will be suffering from for the the next three days while I stare at my computer for hours and hours each day. Eye strain anyone?
Through the wonders of the internet, I have found a few clips of the infamous eye twitcher. You don’t need to watch all 9 minutes of this clip show. That’s excessive for today’s attention span… just a few seconds should do the trick.

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