>5 Tips for Successful Tricks or Treats this Halloween


Did I reel you in with my slick title? Prepare to be disappointed. I only have four tips to offer.

  1.  Handles – Be sure whatever sack type you use to collect your hoard of candy has sturdy handles. No one wants accidental bloody hands on Halloween. Nor do you want your cheap paper bag splitting open like a pinata only to have passersby steal your hard earned free candy.
  2. Flashlight – Let’s face it, the good candy is handed out after the sun goes down. But safety is always first, so carry a flashlight. Otherwise those supposed vans that truck in children from the poorer areas of town might not see you in that ninja outfit.
  3. GPS Child Finder – Seriously, why do these exist? Are you in charge of so many children that you can’t keep an eye on them without the aid of a piece of technology? Our parents never lost a soldier (witch or ghoul) and didn’t need a homing beacon to do it…plus, odds are they did it with an adult beverage in their hand…and no one batted an eye. Come on, people, either calm down or pay attention. I can’t figure out what your problem might be, but whatever it is, quit it.
  4. Porch light – If the light is on, ring the bell. If the light is off, move along. The folks with the light off ran out of candy 2 hours ago when the tide of masked children superseded last year’s demands….that or they just hate your kids.

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