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Everyone knows the torture devices women wear to look attractive.  High heels, underwire, pantyhose, girdles…I mean Spanx. 

The other day some guys in my office were talking about a contraption apparently primarily used by men in the military and law enforcement when they are dressing up. 

Apparently, these straps attach to the bottom of shirts and the tops of socks in order to make a shirt stay in place.  Needless to say, a guy in uniform usually looks pretty sharp.

I wish these shirt stays would be used in the workplace.  Not because I’m sick of guys with long torsos having their shirts untuck from their pants at random, but because I think men should be subject to the same amount of discomfort as women in order to look attractive.  It’s only fair.

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  1. Uneasy Rhetoric

    >Keeps the socks up too. A friend used these back in high school for senior ball — I thought they were the height of vanity, but now that I've been in the workaday world, maybe they'd work (although I read that a man can tuck his undershirt into his underwear and somehow this helps his button down stay tucked).

    But I'm sure they aren't as uncomfortable as some of the things women put up with.


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