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>From my very limited online dating experience, I thought I’d share a few hidden meanings behind some of the things guys write in their profiles:

Disease free – This dude has slept with so many chicks, he is a member of the customer loyalty program at the local free clinic.  Two more visits and he gets a free sandwich!

No drama – This guy’s most recent ex-girlfriend is resting comfortably at the Shady Acres Home for the Unstable after she came at him with a kitchen knife trying to re-enact that cave scene from Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom.  Kali Ma! Kali Ma!

I’ll fill more in later – This guy is too lazy to finish this profile so he’s probably also too lazy to take this dating thing too seriously.   Or maybe he’s just looking for a little “fun” on the side.

5 thoughts on “>Reading Between the Lines

  1. Anonymous

    >//Reading Between the Lines:

    – Disease free
    – No drama
    – I'll fill more in later//

    If the 1st 2 are the standards the guy is make of the gals, then:

    Disease free = he desires a gal who hasn't had sex with a lot of guys, whether all at once or individually over a long time
    (he doesn't want a frequent slut)

    No drama = he desires a gal who doesn't habitually have his life revolve around her life
    (he doesn't want a manipulator/dominator)


    But if he is instead referring to himself, then:

    Disease free = he's a male slut who hasn't been diagnosed with any STDs, yet

    Drama free = he's a boring guy who constantly tries to avoid controversies

    I'll fill more in later = he's either lazy OR he is only doing the internet bit cuz it's expected of him but he'd rather express himself offline where he isn't lazy

    What are your opinions on this, Gemini?

  2. Anonymous

    >And maybe you're too lazy to do grammar editing before posting your articles? 😛
    (no, that's not a flirt)

    By the way,
    I "attack" my fellow males too for the crap they don't deserve to dish out on each other and/or onto females.
    (I am impartial…I don't believe in favouritism)

  3. Ms. Chick

    >LOL! The thing about pointing out someone else's grammar mistakes (which I fixed), is that you might want to be sure yours is impeccable first.

    And yes, the disease free comment was from a guy who was talking about himself. It's funny to me when people write things that should be a given in their profiles.

    Sorry it took me so long to moderate the comments. Fridays are not for blogging! 🙂

  4. JustinLL

    >This dating thing would be way easier if there weren't so many codes to decode, but it might also be less entertaining.

    Why can't everyone have (protected) sex and just get along?


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